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Thread: Cool Upcoming java Prog. by Me :)

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    Its a demo.

    How is your gui (@all)? What IDEA like? Want to keep current with java downloads.
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    uhmm nice game bloodlust.

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    I never really used IDEA's Form ed. I Typed all the GUI code myself. Frame's content pane set to border layout. 4 different panels west, center, east and south. Each panel's layout is set to GridLayout. Labels and buttons are then added. That's it! Thanks for all the replies. And CrossWire, i only used IDEA and i'll pm you about sumting... The cup thing you were talking 'bout sounds like a good idea. Here's what im thinking:\n
    1: Use levels. i.e. start out with 2 cups on lesser levels and up to 5 cups on higher levels.
    2: Use bets/wagers. If you get money >= level up money, you'll proceed.
    3: If your monet reaches $0, you lose
    Submit ideas and questions. But as you no, i'm using my school's net. Blast, there running every1 out!! later

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