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Thread: who provides dell support in jamaica?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BzTRD View Post
    well look like you never worked will a DELL b4!!!

    i have DELL SERVERS that are under warrenty and the other day i got my entire mother board changed out because of a faulty GIG NIC!!!

    Fujitso ICL did the work and DELL shipped the parts down!
    Was this the R420 servers

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    Always been impressed by Dell's service in Jamaica. I have used it three times. 2 laptops (motherboard and display swap) and a desktop

    1. Look up your service tag on the support site. Confirm you have warranty.
    2. Call the number or use the web chat / email to log the issue and schedule a fix.
    3. A local rep will be in touch with you.

    for all three computers, they came to my workplace to fix it.
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