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Thread: Want to learn to build websites

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    Default Want to learn to build websites

    I have no prior programming experience, but am very comfortable with a computer.

    That said, I want to start to learn programming and whatever else is necessary to build websites. I'm assuming the days of starting with C++ is done? My question is:

    Assuming no previous programming knowledge/training, what's the best route to take to learn to build a website. (The basic blogging template websites isn't adequate, I want to know how to build something from the ground up). I've heard mention of a couple of things in the past, including Microsoft FrontPage (but not in a loooong while), ASP.Net? Is there some kind of software that allows one to build via a GUI yet? If not, just any course of programs/ebooks to start with, or even evening classes at UWI/Utech or wherever if someone knows about it... I need a syllabus!

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    Search the threads and you will get an answer.
    This question has been ask multiple time.

    visit this site also:
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