jerri, i been askin those questions from the first time i heard of the upgrades necessary to run Vista. how in the world can i run Counterstrike, Oblivion, Morrowind and other twitch and eyecandy games and get great performance on my XP system.. and then need to double my memory JUST for the VISTA operating system. and then, if the OS alone need so much power, what is that gonna do to my gaming experience?
i am no whiz kid, but these questions make sense to me.

in my mind, Vista is simply about abusing your marketshare to make obscene profits. when you do a little research and realise how many man hours went into the making of Vista, how many redesigns and departures from original concept, how many great ideas were trashed and how warped it all ended up, you just cant escape the idea that this VISTA thing is just not ready for prime time.

i am Not saying Vista does not work.
i AM saying Vista does not work for me.
i AM saying Vista does not do anything at all that XP cant do better and more economically.
finally and most importantly, i am saying that Vista takes power from the hands of the user and locks it away in live updates.

the idea that my machine can pop down on me for no good reason simply because it finds a driver it does not like... no boss. how is that the business of an OS? where does MS get the right to come into my home and tell me what i can and cannot install? the last time i heard of something that ridiculous was when a friend of mine migrated for good to Linux. i asked him why and he explained that he got an error and his machine shut down. when he queried the error (he is a comp sci masters computing professional) it said UNKNOWN HAS CAUSED AN ERROR IN UNKNOWN.

so, i will rock xp and keep tinkering with alternatives. linux looks more attractive all the time.. but frankly i am lazy and windows is what i know right now.

Vista! The OW starts NOW!