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Thread: 2 moon?

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    Just the GUI alone turn me off and the graphics look so familiar .
    (No I'm not thinking of Silkroad).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lin View Post
    Not sure what I think about this game yet. Will require more exploring which I am not about to do at this point. did get a chance to try out the it
    the grafix look weird look eww eww eww mi nah play dat all solitare look kinda better .......wat am i saying it looks much better spider soliare that is srry but me and dat caah mix an the whip look like some lil line a child drew it all jjust look eww and fake ........ thats all folks
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    Not too fund of the idea of having a fem char - i tried it tho cause they are they only archers in game. Here are some screenies with my archer in the background
    ..i think this is a 40+

    here is SS of fishing(if you have the time you catch your own food)

    and now some SS with my Bagi Warrior which i must admit is more fun to fight with
    vicious summoners spawn

    and another idle pic
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    looks good...will try when sro gets boring...dunno when that'll be....
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