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Thread: Akamai Confirms Large-Scale Attack On Major Web Sites

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    Default Akamai Confirms Large-Scale Attack On Major Web Sites

    Internet infrastructure company Akamai on Wednesday confirmed that a "sophisticated, large-scale" Internet attack disrupted service at some major web sites, which were identified by an Internet performance firm as Apple Computer Inc., Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo! Inc.

    Akamai, based in Cambridge, Mass., said the distributed denial of service attack, which started early Tuesday morning, had a "significant impact" on less than 1 percent of its customers, which Akamai hasn't identified. For those customers, more than 20 percent of their web site users were unable to access the sites at the height of the attack.

    Another 2 percent of Akamai's more than 1,100 customers suffered a "noticeable" slowdown in web site performance, a company statement said.

    Federal law enforcement agencies are investigating the attack, which started at 8:30 a.m. EDT and ended at 10:45 a.m. EDT.

    Keynote Systems, which publishes an Internet availability rating based on the performance of 40 of the largest web sites, said the web sites of Apple, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo were nearly inaccessible for various amounts of time during the attack.

    The overall availability rating for the Internet dropped to 81 percent, and the rating for the four web sites plummeted to 20 percent, Keynote said. The figure rarely goes below 99 percent.

    The attack focused on Akamai's Domain Name Service, or DNS, resulting in delays as users tried to access the sites, The DNS matches the URL typed in a browser with the actual numeric address that computers use to identify web sites.

    Without naming Keynote, Akamai said third-party web site measurement services can "significantly overstate the impact of attacks such as this one," and said most end users were able to access the web content they wanted through Akamai.

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    Default Re: Akamai Confirms Large-Scale Attack On Major Web Sites


    last week a newbie at work did a global email in our organisation.....IT are still trying to figure out what the person did to generate so many email but it took down all the exchange servers.....
    we have 7000 users......anyone want to guess how many emails the person generated?
    the person is now attending the 'basics of IT' class they hold inhouse.... ;D

    2.5 million emails......i am waiting for how they did internal ddos job on the exchange......

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    Default Re: Akamai Confirms Large-Scale Attack On Major Web Sites

    hmmm this is interesting...Last i ran a netstat on my ISA and saw a computer with this domian name trying to come in on one of my ports. Good thing i blocked access to the port'
    hmmm... interesting!

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