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Thread: What should I look for in a Gaming rig?

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    here u go

    regarding your above post...anyone a those rigs will handle ur tasks effortlessly

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    ^^ ahh cool respect mi boss

    btw when you guys order from new egg what shipping options you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by exothermic View Post
    tbh i semi copied the build i typed out from a poker website.... its kind of not really a gaming pc per say, more a online poker build to handle multiple tables on pokerstars + table ninja + radio/music streaming with no lag

    + the only game i play right now is league of legends which runs easily on my pc now and i want to play starcraft 2, kind of waited b4 i bought it due to not wanting it to suck so yea neither of those games are graphic intensive

    p.s flexx could you put those screen shots on image shack or something?, kind of cant read it even if i zoom in
    Well posted this before but have to keep posting for those who missed it. This site will give you an idea what you need to run whatever game is in their databse:

    What yuh talking about Starcraft 2 not being graphically instense lol? Check again man cause my old rig could barely manage it on medium settings.
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