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Thread: Decreasing Digital Divide

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    Default Decreasing Digital Divide

    CNN has done a report on the UN's flawed statistics wherein the digital divide between richer and poorer countries is actually less than they project! Jamaica gets mentioned so I thought I'd share this article with you.

    Check it out here!

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    Thanks for the link rreky. As you said, Jamaica got mentioned in the article. Let's look at what was said about us.

    The article mentioned that 23% of the population uses the Internet. PIOJ's population count for 2002 was 2,624,700, so 23% would be 603,681 Internet users. PIOJ's stats also show that the total number employed in 2002 was 954,300, so 63% of the employed population uses the Internet. Pretty impressive huh? Take into consideration though that the Internet usage rate is provided by JAMPRO from a survey sample size of 611 residents and 140 businesses. How accurate do you think these figures are now ???

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