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Thread: using an image input for form submit

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    Default using an image input for form submit

    I didnt realise it before, but when you use and image instead of the usual submit button as in:

    <input type="image" src="/path/to/image" />

    after submitting html includes the x & y coordinates of where you clicked. so in a get string you will have x=<x-offset>&y=<y-offset>

    In addition, if you were to include a name with that.
    <input type="image" src="/path/to/image" name="my_button" />

    you will get my_button.x=<x-offset>&my_button.y=<y-offset>

    be careful tho, if you are using php, (my preffered scripting lang currently for handling front end procession), you will get in your $_GET global, my_button_x, and my_button_y, the . is replaced with an underscore
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