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    Default Credit Card Payment

    Can I pay my credit card at the ATM with cash?

    If so please give me the procedure?

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    Good morning. That depends on your bank.

    If the bank supports direct CC payment and has an ATM that can validate your deposited cash - select the CC payment option from the list and then input the cash after.

    If the bank doesn't support direct payment - you will have to deposit the cash to an account and then select CC payment from the account.

    If the bank does not support CC payment at an ATM - do the deposit at the ATM then use their online banking platform to do the payment. All banks support this option.

    Please bear in mind that if the bank's ATM does not validate the cash - meaning take the cash without an envelope - then you may have to wait for 24 hours before the cash is manually validated and made available in your account. Once that's done you can make the payment online.
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