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Thread: Digicel and flow Bankrupt by 2025

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    Quote Originally Posted by BNOVA View Post
    A fair analysis. What about maintenance of CPEs or even satellites? Space might be vast but we get small meteorites from time to time.
    I figure this is not really for developing countries but more likely for high speed transmission of data across the work for huge organisations when they need to move data across the world. Normal residential customers are just a value add.
    No doubt Starlink will be signing multi-million dollar deals with airlines and shipping industry, both cargo and cruise, fishing, research, oil rigs, drilling, etc. But will it be enough to make the most expensive internet in the world viable? We won't know plus these applications might not be latency-sensitive so they may stick with the providers they already got?
    One big-ticket item I found doing research is for high-frequency trading. That the latency for communication between the world financial centers like London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong over Starlink will be superior to fiber and there are billions up for grab. However, I still think the technology is unproven and satellite to satellite laser hoping will not be implemented in Starlink for some time. Also, they will be facing competition from another big player Amazon.

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    I feel amazon would be more of a threat to Starlink. As Amazon know their customers and do not have too many dud projects but Elon knows how to get rockets into space so lets see.
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