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Thread: Coping with threats from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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    Quote Originally Posted by King_Jay16 View Post
    It takes practice and getting in the frame of mind. If possible, start by creating a dedicated space for work and minimize distractions in that area. Some people even get dress etc. like they are going to the office/client. Just find what works for you, it will take some effort though.

    Natural light helps, so its good if you have some windows to let the sun in.

    Working from home is awesome (6 years), but the distractions are real. I have a separate desk in my office for my work laptops, if not i camp out in the kitchen for the day. Helps when you don't have kids.

    Working remote definitely requires some form of back up internet, even if it's just a hot-spot.
    yep - backup internet is a definite must, and a ups/generator for elite level, jps uptime for me i'd put at acceptable to good
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    This is definitely a game changer for the world going forward. In Jamaica's case, we've been holding up quite ok so far. And many things on the tech side, once thought impractical. Is now being done, such as online services for school, work and Business. Going forward I hope we can Maximize on these new methods, and work and learn more efficiently. Our telecoms providers need major upgrades on the capacity and fixed services side.

    On a personal level, I'm very much spiritual and steadfast in Jesus Christ and my faith belief. I'm not perfect, but faith in God helps me be strong and keeps me going. This is something out of a horror Movie, and it has definitely have me thinking. I mean did this virus evolve naturally, or are we looking at a potential Bio weapon?. This virus has little effect on external surfaces around us. And on the environment, but on a Human level. It's deadly and difficult to treat. Sometimes I wonder if Governments and private companies focusing on Bio weapons and virology. Are secretly working together, like a Umbrella Corporation type setting. To reduce Global population and through fear and economic desperation. Put us fully under their control, ushering in a new World Order. I know these thoughts are a bit on the wild and conspiracy side. But it's something to think about, we are being told what they want us to know. Not the actual truth, just programming the Matrix.

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    Meh. Seen enough conspiracy theories.

    It's a bio weapon. It's a result of 5G. The most likely one is bio weapon - and engineered by China. This would be to kill stocks worldwide so that China can then buy them up and have major shares. It's plausible.

    On another note. I'm annoyed a bit now. The places are closing even earlier and it makes it difficult to get wants/needs. I've not stocked up because this isn't the "end of days" or such. But - on a Biblical kind of perspective - it gives an idea of what can happen in the last days. Governments take measures based on "public safety" that then gets enforced due to "emergency management" protocols.

    Once it blows over we'll see how things go. But for now - my BIGGEST hope is that these jackrabbits will go back to local farming and growing what we need instead of importing everything.....

    Unfortunately - due to policies - the Chinese that can't do work right now have stopped work in certain areas. And we can't use local workers because of said policies. But. Such is life.
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