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Thread: Samsung S10e , Gaming PC n stuff for sale

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    Cool Samsung S10e , Gaming PC n stuff for sale

    Like always High quality stuff for affordable prices that are also NEG:

    Western Digital 4TB Ext HDD: 15,000

    Nvidia Shield TV: $15,000

    EVGA Gaming Mini ITX PC (Not if im selling with the i7 9700 or i5 9400)
    $40,000 up

    Samsung S10e Mint condition: $65,000 NEG

    256 Samsung SSD $7,000

    contact: 18768284247
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    CASE: Dell Aurora R6, CPU: Core i7 7700k, Cooler: Gen3 NoBrand H80i, MoBo:Dell z270, RAM: 32Gb Curcial DDR4 @ 3000Mhz, HDD: Samsung 500Gb 970 M.2 NVME/ 3x WD 4Tb Blue Ed, GPUs: EVGA RTX 2080 8Gb DDR6, PSU: Generic Dell 1000watts

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