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Thread: Playing Games Cross Platform?

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    Default Playing Games Cross Platform?

    Playing Games Cross Platform?

    What if you have a Nintendo Console, and a PlayStation Console, and a XBox console and you had a game for the Nintendo Console, then, would you love to play that game freely on any one of your consoles?

    What you think would be the benefits/sacrifices to the gamer?

    What you think would be the benefits/sacrifices to the console producer?

    What you think would be the benefits/sacrifices to the game developer?

    Before answering:

    Consider that a game could have some sections of the core code encrypted, so even if the game code is free, then, it would still not be playable without a key from the correct key family. (The game could be freely downloaded but needs a child key for the decrypting process)
    When the gamer buys a game, he/she would carry a smart card (sc) to a game shop where a key from a member of the key family would be placed on his sc. His/Her sc would have an id. And that key child would only work along with that id. Then the gamer receives a disc for the game or he can download the game to which ever console. The trick is that he cannot play the game without the child key. However, the consoles could be equipped with a card reader, and the user insert his/her sc (which has kilobytes or megabytes of child keys for the game that he owns) thus the gamer could freely play a game that he/she owns on which every console. Especially if he wants to sell a console for another one with exclusive games without loosing his library. The decrypted code would be stored in the processor only and executed immediately. (If it was only possible for the code itself to check the sha hash of its encrypted self containing said sha hash… however if you think about it, it is not possible… how would the developer know the sha hash of (same sha hash and data). This would be useful to see if the code was tampered, e.g. if the console was hacked and a unencrypted version of the code was saved to the console.)

    During a game play the game code my request a child key from the sc for stage one, then another child key for stage two, and so on. Each request uses a different encrypted channel, a feature of the sc to mitigate eavesdropping and replay of a transaction.

    If you have an emulator on a pc, you would need a decryption child key
    If the console is hacked, you would need a decryption child key. (I keep on talking about a child key. Each gamer is given a different child key on their sc, so naturally it should be a new encryption mechanism.) The problem is to secure the child decryption key in the sc for each game.

    What if the sc is lost or misplaced? Yes it could be backed up in the cloud, but how can the gamer prove that it was lost and not be abused. I have no solution.

    The idea is to rely, and improve on the sc technology. Eventually it may be secure to use the sc on a pc and play cross platform games (without pressuring internet access). Especially when PC graphics tends to improve constantly, while consoles make jumps. However the gamer has the option of only upgrading the equipment that he needs, and budget better for the first party exclusive games.

    The gamer would not be required to connect to the internet any at all for game play. Furthermore, he/she could receive physical mail of disc packages.

    If the gamer buys a console exclusive game, then the code would specifically look for a PlayStation ID as well as the child key.

    There would be cheaper games, at least for Nintendo owners: A game sd cartridge could be distributed with 20 small indie games, but you can only play the ones you have access to. Similarly, a Lego sd cartridge could be bundled with multiple Lego games using shared code. (Maybe switch games cartridges would not have to be so expensive compared to the other platforms)

    Do you think this would be overall good for next gen consoles?

    Criticisms welcomed
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    Most of the consoles are going towards online content delivery. If you paid the developer for the game and could then get it tied to your account which signs in on any platform that would be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khat17 View Post
    Most of the consoles are going towards online content delivery. If you paid the developer for the game and could then get it tied to your account which signs in on any platform that would be great.
    Yes you are right. Especially since Microsoft and Sony have partnered up for Cloud Entertainment.
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    If I’m reading correctly, it sounds like when some equipment software used to require a dongle to confirm your copy was paid for legitimately. I think the world is moving away from that. Subscriptions and services fees seem to be the direction.

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