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Thread: Monitor Migration sale

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    Default Monitor Migration sale

    Gunna need these items sold as soon as possible, prices are slightly negotiable as i am seeking to liquidate more so than make profit

    used to diagnose issues
    -Viewsonic 1703wb monitor -
    -HP Compaq Le1711 -

    Price = $4K each

    --Triple Monitor setup--
    used for video/photo editing, lost the stand for the middle monitor so cant sell separately
    2x Viewsonic VX2450WM - 24" 1080p monitor
    1x Viewsonic VX2452WH - 24" 1080p monitor
    Mount-IT triple monitor mount

    Price = $50K

    --Gaming Monitor--
    used to game but monitor was originally made for CAD
    1x Benq BL3200q - 32" 1440p 60hz monitor

    Price = $45K

    all monitors are in pristine condition, working and are being sold with connection and power cables

    all prices are slightly negotiable if you are interested PM or whatsapp me at the numbers listed below for pictures
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