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Thread: CEO of murdered

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    Quote Originally Posted by khat17 View Post
    Just hate the fact that I'm not 50 yet and people I grew up with and went to school with are dying...........
    Jamaica is becoming more violent. These days you just have to look at someone in a manner they feel is unpleasant for them to issue you a slew of bad words. And it's not only the adults. Have you seen the attire and behaviour of the kids in school and I'm not talking high school. Respect completely out the window. This is the society the Govt has bred and taken no responsibility for. Leaving the hard working tax payers to feel the sharp edge of the knife. When will Jamaicans wake up and take action against these parasites. JLP PNP they're all the same. Blood sucking hypocrites.
    "Every step we can take to secure ourselves from a government that no longer respects our privacy is a patriotic act." .. (whistleblower Edward Snowden)

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    RIP College yute - CC4Life.
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    RIP mi bredda, this country is becoming way too violent, sad.
    The world can be a better place.....
    1st. believe

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