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Thread: Does any one know the flow settings to the Smart rg MODEM

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    Default Does any one know the flow settings to the Smart rg MODEM

    I am having some issues my modem dsl light is not on so i reset my modem back to factory default and still no dsl light could some one tell me what i can do to fix it

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    Good night. If you've factory reset your DSL modem then you'll need to log in and setup the connection again. You will have to get in touch with FLOW so that they may provide you with the various settings as they are not set in stone. You will also need your DSL username and password to get back on. Once you have your bill they will be able to provide you with the details using your CIS PIN which is on your printed bill. I'm assuming you have a modem like the one below.

    Post back your results once you get through. If you have a FLOW mobile just dial 100 and follow the instructions. If you don't have a FLOW mobile then use your land line by calling 1-888-225-5295.
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