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Thread: FLOW Modem Issues - TG2492LG (the white one) - Intel Puma 6

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    Default FLOW Modem Issues - TG2492LG (the white one) - Intel Puma 6

    Hello all. I have a couple questions re: the most recent Flow Jamaica modems (i.e. Arris TG2492LG).

    First, has anyone here seen and followed up on the Intel Puma 6 chipset issue outlined in articles like these? (

    The TG2492LG is listed as one of the modems with this Intel chipset. In fact, the TG1672G is another modem Flow offers and it's also on the list. I've asked Flow about it directly but as usual they're not very forthcoming with answers as to whether or not they've taken steps to mitigate the issue.

    Second: SNR and SNR margin information. I have the white modem at home and I've been told by Flow support that my SNR is 27 when the minimum value should be around 30. On older modems, I'd be able to access some information, at least basic read-only stuff, which would include SNR info. Has anyone found any ways to access that information on the 2492?

    Third: Does anyone use cable modem on Flow's network that they bought elsewhere? I'm thinking of getting my own DOCSIS 3.0 modem online and installing it but I'd like to know what experience anyone else has had.

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    hanks for bringing this up as I did not know about it. I have the TG1672G Modem from them and I have not noticed any issues like that. However, Flow uses the Arris platform exclusively and such would manage these issues according to what Arris provides. I am guessing over time the modems that have these issue will be changed out overtime especially when the change focus to HFC upgrades.

    To answer your second query, I figure that the information you could access before is locked away in a part of the modem that only tech support can access.

    To answer you third question. I Flow does not allow modems outside of what they offer on their network. I suspect that it is cost effective for them to do so and also lessen troubleshooting issues.
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