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Thread: I've Created A Bitcoin Jamaica Telegram group

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    Default I've Created A Bitcoin Jamaica Telegram group

    Hi All,

    Devon here from Addict00tech and I wanted to know if anyone here interested in joining a Bitcoin Jamaica Telegram group i've just created. If you're not familiar with Bitcoin then get off the internet.

    Telegram group link

    It's a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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    Joined 😎👍

    Are you on steemit?
    Claja owns your keywords .

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    I invested in cryptocurrencies last year bought XEM, XLM (Stellar), NEO and Ripple (XRP) didn't invest in bitcoin. I still have investments in XLM as its back by IBM and there have been real technological developments around it, but I pulled out on the rest in February this year. Made just shy of $20,000 USD. Guys be very careful in what you invest in and never invest more than you can afford to lose. OH and research the exchange you sign up with as many don't allow withdrawls to Jamaican bank accounts

    Last year cryptos went crazy but have been tame so far this year

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