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Indeed, I hope it happens in earnest. I knew for a fact that Caricel had violated a number of terms of its licenses especially that of its LTE Band. It had not met any coverage targets nor had it any intentions of meeting them. Band 13 is a very valuable and lucrative band; to have it being squandered by an operator who hasn't the capital or ability to exploit it is a pity. I do see FLOW using this Band very sparingly or in places where they need extra capacity (like in New Kingston) and/or ability to deploy VoLTE with high QoS & great MOS scores. Band 4 is already working well for them it seems, rivaling or besting Digicel's Band 17 network.
OK, speaking of Digicel. Any news regarding thier LTE expansion across the country?. A lot of areas outside the corporate area. Don't have LTE, so I don't know what's up with Thier deployment.