Dont be afraid to whatsapp for photos, will send them promptly


Lenovo M53P Mini desktop with 19" Widescreen LED monitor good condition
Core 2 Duo 3.0GHZ
4GB DDR3 Memory
DVD Burner
80GB SATA Hard Drive
NO mouse and Keyboard

Asking- $20,000

16GB CDMA iphone selling as MP3 player - $4,500

Digicel 4G Broadband Modem, used once in awhile, my backup when lime is down, still have plastic - $4,500

Netbook 10" LED brand new - $7,500 (not thin version)

15.6 laptop LED Regular - $6,000 mint (not thin version)

15.6 laptop LED 30pin connection thin - $6,000

Desktop 500GB brand new purchase to use in a desktop server but didnt bother - $6,500

Will be posting more stuff and whatsapp for photos