Sup everyone,

So I just read this article that the WPA 3 protocol has finally been developed by WiFi-Alliance. It took almost 15 years but it's there.

WPA2 has been vulnerable to various attacks like:
*Various online open wifi networks exploits .

*The very recent KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack).

WPA3 offers various security protocols, which I will list below (only a part possibly):
*WPA3 protocol strengthens user privacy in open networks through individualised data encryption.

*WPA3 protocol will also protect against brute-force dictionary attacks, preventing hackers from making multiple login attempts by using commonly used passwords.

*WPA3 protocol also offers simplified security for devices that often have no display for configuring security settings, i.e. IoT devices.
Finally, there will be a 192-bit security suite for protecting WiFi usersí networks with higher security requirements, such as government, defence and industrial organisations.

Of course, over time new exploits will be found, so until then we are safe for the time being ...