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Thread: Digicel green packet modem has been killed off

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    Quote Originally Posted by terry5 View Post

    Okay im now using a huawei b310 unlocked modem with a digicel SIM card . Surprised at the speed of it 150mbs download .
    Does everything,can even hook up an old land line phone to receive and make calls .

    Now just need and hope flow or digicel release unlimited data plan or a better package

    Anyone can tell me if caricel are islandwide and available in negril ?

    Also is the flow data plan equal or better than digicels offering ? As there slightly cheaper .

    Many thanks for all the help I owe you all a drink .

    Now that you mention Negril, FLOW does actually have LTE in Negril but only along the hotel strip... Digicel wants to go islandwide with LTE and FLOW will soon do so as well. You shouldn't be out of coverage for long.

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    Well my service is back .. better than before but not as fast as HSPA on my phone - on avg about 2mbit down 0.8mbit up
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