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Thread: 27' Monitor recommendations

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    Is there any other alternative (cheaper).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danestar View Post
    Is there any other alternative (cheaper).
    Find someone that ships in stuff in their own containers that would be willing to add your screen to their shipment. That's the only other way.

    Find someone that is going to be traveling for a short time. Someone you know personally. Have them take a form from the airport - unaccompanied luggage form. Have them fill it out - it has to be their details. Buy the monitor and either ask them to bring it or you can then ship it after in their name. That being done with the unaccompanied luggage form should waive any fees as you're allowed USD$500 worth of things to bring in tax free if I'm not mistaken. That way you'd only pay the shipping fee if you ship it - or nothing else if you have them bring it. Maybe ask them to bring it and pay for the extra luggage. Still work out cheaper.
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