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Thread: Alternatives to WordPress for Website Building. No Joomla, Drupal: Something Simpler

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    Default Alternatives to WordPress for Website Building. No Joomla, Drupal: Something Simpler

    Aside from Drupal and Joomla, which are the next best WordPress alternatives? Joomla and Drupal are hard to learn even with tutorials on YouTube. If they were user friendly I would be using them to make websites with WordPress being the platform for my blogs. But they are not, they are extremely difficult to understand. There are 1 click apps in some hosts cpanel, I was thinking of one of them in cpanel that I could install and use and have a few decent themes. There are several CMSs provided by Godaddy and other hosting providers but I don't have the time to install, experiment and looks for the best so I'm asking here. There must be someone here who can hep me find a WordPress alternative aside from Joomla and Drupal. Please give me a screenshot or a website I can go to for easy to use blogging platforms or website builder platforms. Or give me at least five that I ca use to build a website without code like a drag and drop builder that's not a page builder plugin for WordPress. Websites, not blogs or Tumblr or Joomla or Drupal. Thanks, appreciate it.

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    there are tons of them hosted or cloud stuff. too much to list.

    basically just go on youtube and search for cms. set a filter for "this month". there are cmses being built everyday. I could even build you a custom one if you pay me enough (but I don't do drag and drop stuff sorry)

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