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Thread: TRADE or SALE: WD5000M22K

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    Default TRADE or SALE: WD5000M22K

    As stated that item is for trade or sale. Sale price is going to be set at USD$80 due to the fact that I opened the package. Drive is not used. Issue is I needed the ST500LT032 and couldn't find one new at the time. Didn't read the full description (or review the photos) of the WD drive and after opening it realize the interface is different.

    If you have the ST500LT032 or similar, new or used in good condition I will trade. I will have to meet and test the drive using SMART checks and verify functionality before the trade.

    If you're going to buy it from me just give me USD$80 for it and take it.

    Contact me by email, PM, text or phone. WhatsApp is down until Wednesday. Hoping to hear from someone soon. Want this resolved quickly. Please note that this should be compatible with some of the Windows Tablets on the market. Verify before purchase.
    790-1085 (FLOW - WA after 10PM Tuesday).
    583-5171 (DIGI)
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