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Thread: Help me build an intel pc for work

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    Quote Originally Posted by topanaris View Post
    Why not go Ryzen since what you are doing would benefit from the increased number of threads?
    Was going to build a Ryzen shortly after but this morning I just decided to build a ryzen an dun, esp since pezz mentioned the quad core factor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Powpow View Post
    I agree. Ryzen is best for what you want it for right now while keeping costs down. Doesn't make sense getting an i7 if your going with just a gtx 1050ti either. Just my opinion though.
    The card was giving me a problem, was just trying to come up with something cheap that wouldn't downgrade the on board graphics but had ports for monitors and actually decided on a different board and no gpu.

    Quote Originally Posted by cushman View Post
    How come you a build a machine and yuh nu establish a budget chargie?
    Check this out!
    The build I showed came just under $1,000 but yeah I should've mentioned the total and that i'm trying to stay below that. Love the build you mention but gonna downgrade the gpu to a 4GB Rx 460 as suggested by pezz, crossing my fingers that later I dont regret it but I doubt i'll be needing much graphic power.

    Quote Originally Posted by PrenticeX View Post
    I know you said build but a refurbished workstation may not be a bad option.
    Here's a 6 core zeon which you can easily upgrade.
    Gonna keep this in mind cuz I may have use for it as well.

    OK so this is what i'm looking at now, my video card knowledge is very weak so jus tek an extra look at the one I selected pls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pezz View Post
    What is wrong with console performance? I game On my Xbox more than my PC these days and don't have an issue.

    You issue:
    is your pump plugged into the motherboard or directly to the PSU?

    Did you over apply the thermal paste?
    It's a PC! and i personally would never recommend something like that to pair with a i5 or i7 or even any of the new ryzen 5 or 7.

    Everything a work now like nothing never happen, Seems like a windows 10 fault cause i the time me pull down and clean when me did a use 8.1 this never happen at all.
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