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Thread: WhatsApp Desktop Now Available

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    Quote Originally Posted by khat17 View Post

    Most persons should already know about WhatsApp Web. This allows you to use WhatsApp from your browser. Today when I signed in to that I noticed a link saying a desktop app is now available for both PC and MAC. Testing now. Will edit back and say what's up with it.

    So it seems to be nothing more than a dedicated app which does the same thing as the web interface. Not seeing any real benefit to having it over using the web interface. So up to you if you want to install an app for that or just use your browser IMO. And I'm seeing posts online from 2016, so this comes in very late. But just so we have the info here.
    Been using WhatsApp on my Macbook for quite some time. Find it very convenient at work, usually place my phone down and able to access all conversations from my laptop. I find the independent app is even more convenient than the web browser version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GPRS Internet View Post
    should be able to connect to the app via bluetooth
    Bluetooth itself is not secure. Whatsapp wants end-to-end encryption throughout the entire process.
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