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Thread: Flow LTE

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    So places did get hit badly by hurricanes. Puerto Rico might still be without electricity in some places.

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    So quick update, it’s either FLOW is intent on deploying it islandwide but, its Ericsson sites (which use the RRUS12) and updated antennas, are fully operating on 4x2 MIMO. Moreover, the antennas FLOW is using are capable of 4x4 MIMO (as are its remote radios). Because of 4x2 MIMO, one can fully utilize the fullest extent of the network (as exemplified in the below screenshot)

    If FLOW updates its equipment to support 256QAM and enable 4x4 MIMO, they can double their current network to accommodate speeds up to 300 Mbit/s per sector or 6,600 simultaneous VoLTE calls. They’ve really hit it out of the park here. I’m absolutely impressed with the network quality. FLOW is really running an LTE-A network here guys... I can bet that they’re testing these technologies as we speak :O

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