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Thread: Windows Blue/8.1 and Start8, Decor8 and more

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    Default Windows Blue/8.1 and Start8, Decor8 and more

    Does anyone know or at least think that programs like Start8 and Decor 8 which works on Windows Blue or Windows 8.1 as it is called seeing as it is an update? How will they function any at all seeing as how Blue is not a standalone system? Will they need to update these tweak software? What are your thoughts. Will there e backwards compatibility? Please reply soon.

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    Not really understanding your question. If you're questioning whether or not the programs will work on 8.1 then that would have to be taken up with the developers of the programs. Most likely they will continue to work but if there are any issues they will probably be resolved in the next release of each application.

    Windows 8.1 is Windows Blue - basically think of it like Windows 8 SP1.

    Third party applications such as Start8 and Decor8 allow you to use a start menu with Windows 8 and customize the metro interface respectively. Both listed are from Stardock - a company that has lost points in my book based on how they do stuff.

    If you want to get back your start menu then the best application IMO is ClassicShell.

    I didn't like Win8 at first but after some usage I've realized that the problem was really the Metro interface. At current I have it disabled and I'm using a program called Start W8 which isn't perfect but does a very decent job. If they could combine the features of that and Vistart8 then I'd be happy. Start W8 runs quickly at startup and has options available when you right click on the start menu but is slow to open after loading. Vistart8 is slow to load but opens the menu very quickly once loaded - has similar options to Start W8 but only from the tray icon and not the start menu. Vistart8 is skinnable while Start W8 is not.
    As for Decor8 you have a free alternative out there ->
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